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So I'll Take You Off The Christmas Card List, Then

NC State's coaching search changed course in a hurry. Less than 24 hours after Debbie Yow sent a panic-inducing letter to Wolfpack Club members, word broke that the school had its man. Former Alabama head coach Mark Gottfried was introduced early this evening.

During the press conference, Yow  was quick to tout the fact Gottfried helped Alabama reach the top of the polls, and she spoke very highly of the coaching staff Gottfried will attempt to assemble.

"The hardest part for me right now is sitting here because I’m ready to get to work. He already talked to me about some ideas for staffing that blew me out of the water."

 The day became less about Gottfried and more about Yow after she addressed a question about her reputation within the college coaching ranks:

"I don’t have a reputation across all of men’s basketball of being difficult to work with," Yow said. "I have a reputation of not getting along with Gary Williams, who has tried to sabotage the search. Come on. We all know that, OK, so whatever. It’s not a reputation. It’s Gary Williams out there doing his thing. Whatever."

That's the most stunning thing I've ever heard during an NC State press conference. She even mentioned a forthcoming article from a media member on the subject, which I assume was a nod to Gregg Doyel. Williams responded through a spokesperson:

"I haven’t talked to anyone --- coach or athletic director --- connected to the N.C. State search," Williams said. "I don’t have any interest in the N.C. State search, since I’m coaching at Maryland and working hard to run our program. Anyone who says I’ve had contact with a prospective coach or athletic director regarding this search isn’t being truthful."

Am not!

Are too!

I'm all for good theater, but the last few weeks have been exhausting, and this spat opens the door for more abuse from national media members and promises to extend the pain that is this whole ordeal. I don't like Gary either, Debbie, but next time maybe you should just put a sock in it. Or challenge him to a duel. Either way.