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Is Bobby Lutz Next?

Citing the dreaded "source close to the situation," the Charlotte Observer says former UNC-Charlotte head coach Bobby Lutz is expected to join Mark Gottfried's coaching staff.

New N.C. State coach Mark Gottfried is close to hiring former Charlotte 49ers head coach Bobby Lutz as an assistant, a source close to the situation says.

Lutz is a North Carolina native and a UNCC alum, and Orlando Early was one of his assistants at Charlotte. Currently, he's an assistant at Iowa State.

He spent 12 years coaching his alma mater and took the 49ers to five NCAA tournaments (you probably remember we beat them in the first round in 2005) and three NITs. That's a pretty good run for a school like Charlotte. Assuming it happens, I like this addition to the staff a lot. Lutz has a lot of coaching experience and a pretty solid history of success. I like that Gottfried is assembling guys who have had head coaching jobs before.