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John Amaechi Slams CJ Leslie And NC State's Graduation Rate

Earlier this afternoon, CJ Leslie decided to tweet about how he feels about homosexuals in the locker room. Leslie realized his mistake quickly and deleted those tweets within a half hour, but by then it was too late. When you have as many followers as Leslie does--many of whom are members of the media--you're not going to be able to bury anything on Twitter. Within minutes his comments were retweeted by several people just in my timeline alone, and there's absolutely nothing Leslie could do about those. If you missed his comments, here they are, via the Technician article I linked earlier:

"I'm no anti gay But I would rather not have a gay n the locker room."

"John amaechi is to big to be gay…….#imjusssayin"

"I'm not saying I hate gays but that's sumthing that I would not wnt n my locker room….." found out about the tweets and reached out to John Amaechi for a reaction. Amaechi's angry and condescending response wasn't exactly constructive (via Tyler Dukes):

However, I would suggest that as the incidence of these damaging and obtuse perspectives is ever increasing, we should remind those that can’t resist spewing bigotry in 140 characters, that their right to speak exposes them to of [SIC] right of balanced and educated people to rip their puny logic and hypocritical perspectives to pieces and call them out as ignorant.

Did you know NC State has a 45% graduation rate for its basketball players?  You would think that would be a larger concern for their players – the vast majority of whom will never join me in pulling on an NBA jersey.

Way to take the high road, John.

In the Technician article, Annabelle Myers indicated that this would be handled internally, and I'm guessing we can expect a public apology from CJ at some point.

Wednesday afternoon update: CJL apologized via Twitter:

Wanna apologize for hurting or offending any 1 with my tweets yesterday.

Was watching espn show about it and didn't think before I tweeted. Meant no disrespect to any 1