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Russell Wilson Reportedly Interested In Wisconsin

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According to a report from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Russell Wilson has expressed some interest in joining the Wisconsin Badgers this fall. (via)

Wisconsin is set to enter the 2011 season with two scholarship quarterbacks, neither of whom has started a college game.

According to sources familiar with both programs, UW is one of the programs Wilson has contacted about joining.

UW officials cannot comment on Wilson's status because per NCAA rules he is considered an unsigned recruit.

Initially it struck me as strange that Wilson would be interested in a school that runs the ball so much, but maybe that's the ideal situation for him. Wilson doesn't have to worry about coming in and putting the entire offense on his back arm. The Badgers ran the ball almost 68% of the time last season and they have a trio of quality running backs returning for the 2011 season. Plus he'll still get to wear red and white. I knew he'd never be able to quit that color scheme.