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Prepare For More Commercials During College Football Telecasts

Honestly I couldn't care less whether or not there is an NFL season this fall. Or I didn't care until I read this post by Dr. Saturday. ESPN will make up some of its losses by charging more for advertisements during college football broadcasts, and probably by adding more commercials to the games as well.

The minimum viewers can expect if college football is seen as the new golden ticket to the 18-to-39-year-old male: Fewer clever in-house spots of the GameDay gang, and more of schlubby everymen being assaulted by animals on a violent quest for beer, Howie Long insulting your manhood and capacity for independent thought and anthems about stoically enduring women who talk. The worst case: Extended commercial intrusion during every single timeout, every single change of possession and after Every. Single. Kickoff. (At least there won't be a two-minute warning, but don't think for a second they won't mull it over if the numbers are good enough.)

Now I'm praying the owners and players come to an agreement before the start of the season, because the commercials are one reason why I find the NFL unbearable. Between the seemingly constant score-commercial-kickoff-commercial-run-run-pass-punt-commercial streaks and the standard and vanilla John Fox bitch-brand affront to entertainment, I'd rather be napping.

But I suppose I can deal with the additional commercials so long as they keep John Gruden away from the college broadcasts.