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Baseball's Stretch Run -- State Clinging To 7th

It wasn't the most encouraging weekend for NC State, which lost 2 of 3 to Florida State, but the team remains in good position to make the ACC tournament. Duke, Maryland, and Boston College have been mathematically eliminated from contention, leaving Virginia Tech as the only team out of the top eight with a chance at making the conference tournament. Both NC State and Wake Forest have a two game edge on the Hokies heading into the final weekend:

6.) Clemson (15-12)
7.) NC State (12-15)
8.) Wake (12-15)


9.) Va Tech (10-17)

The Deacs have taken full advantage of their soft schedule by winning five of six. If they end up tied with NC State, the Pack would win the tiebreaker thanks to the series they took from Wake earlier in the year. State likely won't need more than one win against Boston College to secure a tournament slot, and two would lock it up. Virginia Tech finishes up with a home series against Georgia Tech and must sweep the Jackets to have any sort of shot.

Let's say State bombs next weekend and Virginia Tech pulls into a tie for 8th with the Wolfpack. If I have the tiebreaking procedure right, State would get the nod over VT:

Non-Divisional Opponents
Two-team tie
1. Head-to-head conference competition between the tied
2. Head-to-head competition of the tied teams compared to
common opponents with the highest overall conference
winning percentage and continuing until one team gains
an advantage.
3. Coin flip

#1 is irrelevant since NC State and Virginia Tech did not play each other. The opponent with the highest winning percentage that the two teams have in common is Virginia--the Cavs swept Virginia Tech but only took two of three from NC State.