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Former Cal State Bakersfield Guard Could Help Immediately

Last month I discussed the Justin Knox/grad student option as a temporary fix for the point guard situation. While the coaches aren't going to tie up a scholarship for four years with a guy who's nothing more than a lightly-used reserve, there would be no harm in bringing in someone like Mississippi's Trevor Gaskins, who only has a year of eligibility left. I guess Gaskins was never a serious option, but it sounds like Cal State Bakersfield's Alex Johnson, who is on campus this week, could be.

Primarily a three-point specialist, Johnson got a lot of playing time at Bakersfield, and he would give the Pack another reliable outside threat in addition to another ballhandler--he's a career 37% three-point shooter. Last year he took a bizarre hot/cold route to his overall 34.6 three-point percentage: he made 52 of his first 118 threes (44.1%), then hit just 27 of his next 110 threes (24.5%).

He missed all of 2009-10 after suffering an ACL tear in a pickup game.