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NC State Set To Play In Legends Classic With Texas, Vanderbilt, Oregon State

A couple of weeks ago, an item in the N&O mentioned that Mark Gottfried was trying to get his team into the Legends Classic; that's now been finalized (via):

The format for the 2011 Legends Classic, which has fast become one of the nation's premier early-season college basketball tournaments, features 12 teams from across the nation competing in the fifth annual event with Texas, Vanderbilt, NC State, and Oregon State hosting regional round games from Nov. 13-17. The four hosts will then advance to the Championship Rounds on Nov. 19 & 21 at IZOD Center, while the remainder of the field will participate in subregionals held at campus sites.

It's a strange format, sort of a tournament, sort of not. The four  regional hosts will play a pair of games at home, then advance to the "semifinals" in New Jersey. Doesn't matter if the host schools go 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2 in those preliminary games; they're all set to meet at the IZOD Center regardless. (Though losses are uncommon for host schools.)

In Jersey there will be a championship game and a consolation game, so this affair adds two more power-conference schools to the Pack's non-conference schedule.