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Sorry For Partying

The NCAA was back on UNC's campus this week to talk to Quinton Coples about an NFL draft party in Washington DC that he attended with Robert Quinn and Marvin Austin. Why? Photos taken at the party and published on the internet:

Photographs of Coples with Austin and Quinn that appeared on Facebook and the web site prompted the inquiry. The party is labeled as taking place at "Ultrabar" nightclub. Also seen in photos with players is at least one alleged runner the NCAA has investigated.

Yep, after the huge mess Marvin Austin got himself into last summer thanks in large part to the detailed photographic documentation he provided the world on Twitter, Coples has somehow managed to make the same kind of mistake. I mean, really, dude.

The photos themselves look harmless (unless he's mugging with the aforementioned runner in one of them), but even if he paid for everything on the trip himself, to say this is not a good look under the circumstances is a bit of an understatement.

Butch Davis probably started pounding his head on his desk as soon as he heard about this. He may still be doing that.