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If Russell Wilson Plays Football, It's Gonna Cost Him

There were some conflicting reports yesterday about Russell Wilson's whereabouts, but this item from the Citizen-Times confirms that Wilson was in Auburn on Tuesday. Wilson called the Rockies on Monday to talk to the organization about football, and son, they are somewhat disappoint.

A fourth-round pick of the Colorado Rockies in the 2010 draft, who received a $250,000 signing bonus, Wilson would have to give some of that back if he left the Tourists before the end of this season to play college football.

"It's a significant portion he would have to return," said Marc Gustafson, the Rockies' senior director of player development.

The Rockies let Wilson play football in 2010 without financial penalty, which was pretty generous of them given Wilson's injury history, but it's clear that a second season was never part of the plan. Russell "doesn't know what he wants to do," according to Gustafson, which I guess means Russell Wilson is 95% sure he's not sure if he can be sure about the sureness of his professional future in either sport. Or not. I don't know. Someone get Joe Schad's sources on the line.

Maybe Wilson is just now beginning to understand what a move back to football would cost him financially; that would definitely be cause for indecision on his part. Plus, if he leaves for fall camp, finances aside, he misses 33 games, and that's essential development time for him if he wants to continue with baseball. On the other hand, FOOTBALL. Shoot, this is hard.