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Gene Chizik Is Not Sayin', He's Just Sayin'

Would Auburn coach Gene Chizik be "receptive" to bringing in a transfer quarterback this season?

"When it comes to the recruiting part of it, my job as the head coach at Auburn is to make sure we're going to develop our roster the best way we see fit to help Auburn win," Chizik said. "So as we go down the recruiting road, whoever gives us that opportunity to win at Auburn -- whether it's a junior college transfer or high school (player) or whoever we feel fits the bill to continuously improve Auburn's football team to give us a chance to compete for a championship -- then obviously that's my job and I"m for it."

NCAA rules don't allow Chizik to talk specifically about Wilson, who is currently playing minor-league baseball. Chizik did not say when a decision would have to be made to bring in a transfer for 2011.

"If we evaluate everything and at that particular time, whenever it would be, if we feel like it would be an opportunity for someone to help our football team, then we'd be all for it," he said. "But no, we have not had those discussions."

It's a clear maybe. If we go down the recruiting road, and holy lord look there's this guy made out of solid gold holding his thumb out, then by golly I am going to indicate to my foot that it would conceivably be in our interests to apply pressure to the brake pedal, and should my arms be so inclined, to pull to the side of the road. And should it be that he's going the way I'm going, then I'm not going to necessarily decline the opportunity for a little company along the way.