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Iman Shumpert, Jordan Williams Staying In The Draft

Georgia Tech's Iman Shumpert has decided to forego his final year of eligibility even though he likely is not a first round selection at this point:

At the time he decided to enter his name into the draft in late March, Shumpert said he was 50-50 and that he would likely return if he was projected as a second-round pick. That has largely turned out to be the evaluation. NBA scouting director Ryan Blake said last week that he projected Shumpert as either a second-round pick or undrafted and advised him to stay in school.


Maryland's Jordan Williams is gone as well (thank you Jesus):

Underclassmen who submitted their names for the NBA draft have until Sunday to withdraw in order to retain their college eligibility, provided they haven’t signed with an agent.

That was Williams’s approach initially. But since working out in recent weeks at Impact Basketball in Las Vegas — where Miller’s clients from last year’s draft trained (among them Craig Brackins, Trevor Booker and Devin Ebanks) — Williams apparently concluded that he’s ready to turn pro.

It also sounds like Reggie Jackson is leaning towards skipping his final year of eligibility.