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What Was The Game Of The Year?

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The 2010-11 season is winding down and Technician's sports department has been handing out some honors as well as reviewing the season for each sport (poor guys). Their pick for game of the year: NC State's win over Florida State in football.

While Wilson's stat line comes off as pedestrian compared to several other games in his career, it was guts, leadership and clutch plays that overwhelmed any black-and-white numbers. Three rushing touchdowns, including a 20-yard gallop on a critical 3rd and 8 play, set up the eventual game-winning score. That TD, which came on a 4th and goal on the Seminoles' 1-yard line, was a play action pass in the back of the end zone to a jubilant George Bryan. Wilson accounted for all four of the Pack's scoring plays in front of the nationally-televised audience.

I looked back over the basketball schedule to see if there were any worthy candidates that I'd forgotten about, and no, no there are not. Which basically leaves two possibilities: Technician's pick, and the dramatic crazy-tip-TD-fueled comeback win over the Heels in Kenan. (Though I think, from a pure enjoyment perspective, the football team's win over Georgia Tech is up there as well.)