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2011 ACC Football Futures Odds

Oh no, we stink again! Tomahawk Nation published the first gambling odds to come out of a Vegas sportsbook and concluded that NC State offers the best value, but that also means Vegas doesn't care much for the 2011 Wolfpack. I'm sure the uncertainty of the quarterback situation is a significant factor, but even so I was surprised at where we stacked up relative to the rest of the league:

ACC Champion Open
Florida State     +150
Virginia Tech     +200
Miami     +350
North Carolina     +500
Maryland     +1000
Clemson     +1200
Boston College     +2000
Virginia     +2000
Georgia Tech     +2500
North Carolina State     +5000
Duke     +10000
Wake Forest     +10000











(If you are not sure what these numbers mean, this should help. Basically, +5000 = 50/1, and so on.)