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Monday Items

So... how you doin'? This stupid month, I swear. If I hadn't been born in it I'd have no use for it whatsoever. Here's another football video:

And a few quick notes:

-- NC State is 11th in the ACC in returning OL experience. I was a little surprised we rank so low.

-- Tyler Harris played well in a recent AAU tournament.

-- Inside Wolfpack Sports with Debbie Yow.

-- Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano wants to get rid of kickoffs in college football because he thinks they're too dangerous. This is his alternative:

Teams can punt from the 30-yard line to open halves and after scoring, or, if they want to maintain possession, they could opt to run a fourth-and-15 play from the 30.

The portion of my brain that is resistant to change thinks this is arena league bullcrap, but on the other hand, the safety concerns are legit, and can you imagine what this rule would do for late-game drama? Team scores, they're down five with a minute left, and rather than having to kick they can keep their offense on the field and try to convert a 4th-and-15. Sounds like fun to me. And another avenue for NC State shit, so you know what, forget I said anything.

(And actually, Bill Connelly found that the success rate on standard onside kicks (that is, the opponent knows it's coming) is higher than the offensive success rate on 4th-and-15, so maybe it wouldn't change all that much.)

-- What do baseball prospects drafted straight out of high school consider in their decision to go pro or go to college? Carlos Rodon explains:

"Money is a factor, but being away from home, it could be something different," Rodon said. "And then not going to school - I'd like going to school and having that college experience and playing college baseball. That's something pretty special."

He said he realizes what would be expected of him if he gave up his amateur status to sign."When you're in college you still have that youth. But when you go play pro ball, you become a man. You have to start fresh, go on your own, provide for yourself, cook for yourself, wash your clothes," Rodon said.

"And at N.C. State, I'd still have my youth. I'd be able to party, study and play ball with a great group of guys."

(No one tell him he'd still have to do his own laundry in college.)

-- Can't believe I'm only discovering this now.

-- State picked up a football commitment over the weekend.

-- If you happen to run into one of the guys featured in the damned Sporting News videos that keep appearing on this blog, you have my permission to hurt him in the face.