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Friday Items

-- Rodney Purvis is down to three schools: Duke, Missouri, and NC State. He told Jeff Goodman that Duke and State are recruiting him harder than anybody else. Purvis also said he wants to make his decision on February 14th of next year, so there is a long wait ahead. But we all know how this ends seeing as how we can't recruit against the Dukes of the world.

-- Episode 5 of the R&R podcast is now available. James is also looking for some feedback so he can improve the product, and I encourage you to drop by and leave a comment. Unless your feedback is that I suck, in which case don't leave any feedback. Thanks.

-- Football mini-packs go on sale this evening, and this year the athletics department is touting customizable packages. Not a bad idea, though this year's OOC schedule means you're stuck with a pair of stinkers no matter what.

-- provided another update on Russell Wilson yesterday, but there's not much to see here either. The article cites a source who claims Wilson's decision is more about which sport to pursue than about which school to attend.

-- Brian @ mgoblog has some interesting thoughts on pythagorean expectation as it relates to football.

-- When Terrelle Pryor held a press conference earlier this week, he apologized to coach Jim Tressel with a "special shout-out."

In terms of coach Jim Tressel, a special shout-out — I’m sorry for what all went down.

I love this so much I'm putting it in all of my apologies from now on.

In terms of Sporting News, a special shout-out. This is not an apology; I just hope your headquarters burns to the ground.