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Recreational Drugs, Corruption Plague Conference Re-Draft Proceedings

Well, I mean, I can't say that for certain, but it seems likely to me based on the results to this point:

Round-Pick Conference Commissioner Selection
1-1 Conference #1 BC Interruption TEXAS
1-2 Conference #2 Black Heart Gold Pants FLORIDA
1-3 Conference #3 Team Speed Kills ALABAMA
1-4 Conference #4 Big East Coast Bias OHIO STATE
1-5 Conference #5 House of Sparky USC
1-6 Conference #6 Red Cup Rebellion LSU
2-7 Conference #6 Red Cup Rebellion MICHIGAN
2-8 Conference #5 House of Sparky NOTRE DAME
2-9 Conference #4 Big East Coast Bias FLORIDA STATE
2-10 Conference #3 Team Speed Kills OKLAHOMA
2-11 Conference #2 Black Heart Gold Pants PENN STATE
2-12 Conference #1 BC Interruption GEORGIA


I thought for sure NC State would be taken by now, I really did. I don't know how you let the country's most distinguished bass fishing superpower slide down the draft board, and while we can now be certain that someone is getting himself a steal, we can also be certain that a number of the involved are out to get us for one reason or another. My stars, the malfeasance on display here!