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Report: Russell Wilson Likely To Announce Decision By July 1

Citing a source close to the situation,'s Andy Baggot says a decision from Russell Wilson should come before the end of June:

After the former North Carolina State standout visited the UW campus earlier this month, he apparently indicated that July 4 was his target date for making a decision.

A source close to the situation said Tuesday that Wilson will likely announce his intentions before July 1, possibly this week.

We're about six weeks away from the start of camp in August. The Sally League is on hiatus for its All-Star break today and tomorrow, but the Tourists will be back in action starting on Thursday and will play games without a day off through the end of the month. Wilson is hitting .235/.333/.324 over his last 10 games, .221/.365/.315 overall.

Interestingly, the source added that Wilson "is not in conflict with the Colorado Rockies," which runs contrary to a number of reports as well as statements from the club itself. Perhaps they were able to come to a compromise in recent days/weeks.