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Russell Wilson's Decision Day Is Here

Russell Wilson will announce his intentions this afternoon (ht: golfballs03) and will make an appearance on ESPN's College Football Live at 3:30 PM eastern to talk about it. Given that his first interview after the fact will come on a college football television show, I'm gonna go ahead and assume baseball and the Colorado Rockies lost this one.

From CFL's Twitter feed:

QB Russell Wilson will announce his decision today, we'll have his first interview to ask him all about it! 3:30 ET ESPN

For clarification: Wilson is not announcing his decision on our show, however we will have the first interview w/ him 3:30ET ESPN

WLOS in Asheville is reporting that Wilson will reveal his plans to the's hard to tell whether or not they mean they'll be the first to know, but their Facebook page is worth keeping an eye on.

FWIW, one of the writers from Auburn's site says "all signs point towards Russell Wilson to Wisconsin."