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Russell Wilson Visiting Wisconsin Next Week

According to this report from up yonder, Russell Wilson is expected to visit with the Badgers in the middle of next week:

The Tourists have a day off on Wednesday, making it the only day next week Wilson could visit UW. The team has a day game on Tuesday, so Wilson could fly to Madison on Tuesday night.


The UW source said Wilson hopes to make a decision on where he'll play before the end of June.

Begin the countdown to the day when Russell makes his football plans official and breaks all of our hearts even though we know it's coming. He's been struggling mightily at the plate over the last couple of weeks--he's 3 for his last 30 and his batting average is down to .200. (He's still getting on base at a decent clip, though.) This latest tough stretch may have solidified his decision, if it wasn't already set in stone.

If it's down to Wisconsin and Auburn, I hope he picks Wisconsin. But if I really had to choose, I'd choose for him to come back to Raleigh and pretend like none of this ever happened and NO I'M NOT CRYING OKAY.