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Baseball Season Comes To A Close

Stetson 5, NC State 3

State's lack of reliable pitching was evident today as Stetson had the edge in talent on the mound pretty much from start to finish. Rob Chamra's house of cards took a bit of a tumble, though it wasn't so much the hits as all the walks. For whatever it's worth, little-used Nick Rice and Rey Cotilla did good work in spelling Chamra and helped State avoid giving up a big number early.

Brett Williams got NC State on the board with a home run to left field, and the guys had several opportunities with runners in scoring position after that but never could cash in. Twice Danny Canela crushed the ball to center with a pair of runners aboard, and twice the ball died at the track. The last one came with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Canela looked like the best hitter on the team all weekend; he was clearly locked in and seeing the ball well. The kid has never lacked for power and I hope this weekend is something he can build on after a relatively blah season.

Shame it had to end on a sloppy note, losing to a stupid school named after headwear that doesn't even have a mascot. You're on my list, Stetson.