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Let's Just Throw Some Darts

This week in what's doin' at Bleacher Report: some guy takes a shot at some guesses at where Russell Wilson might end up this fall.

Let's see if we can make sense of this guy's candidates.

Nevada -- Same nickname but there's a space in the middle, which more strongly appeals to Russell Wilson's sense of symmetry. Plus he can buy Nevada gear with their ripoff Tuffy on it and live in a sort of surreal drug-like mind fuck haze the whole time, which would be interesting as a psychological exercise, he has to admit.

My favorite part of the whole slideshow: "Wilson's presence at Nevada this fall will be extremely unlikely but not impossible." I think Russell Wilson will be an astronaut next year; his presence at Kennedy Space Center is extremely unlikely but not impossible. I am on the internet.

Ole Miss -- Jeremiah Masoli transferred there, and he once stole some stuff or something. Russell Wilson once stole a lot of people's hearts. Further, Russell has no interest in winning big in boring fashion at Wisconsin, but rather prefers to lose in crazy entertaining Houston Nutt fashion.

Washington -- A husky is like a wolf, and limited by this mascot-related tunnel vision as he is, he has little choice but to ponder this and other wolfdog-associated programs. Also there's a big 'W' on the helmets so it's like everyone is a part of one big happy Wilson family.

If you can think of any other STONE COLD LOGICAL landing spots for Russell Wilson, let me know.