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2011 MLB Draft -- Cory Mazzoni, Pratt Maynard Selected Early On Day 2

Cory Mazzoni and Pratt Maynard weren't on the board for long once the MLB draft resumed this afternoon. Mazzoni went to the New York Mets in the second round, #71 overall. Maynard went to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 3rd, #103 overall. (This guy must be bummed out.)

They're looking at some substantial signing bonuses (Russell got 250k in the 4th last year, remember), so it's highly unlikely that either player returns to NC State next year. Harold Riggins should be the next Wolfpack player to go; his return is doubtful as well.

Another name to keep an eye on: I think incoming recruit Carlos Rodon (LHP) is supposed to be taken somewhere in the first 10 rounds.

Update: the Colorado Rockies selected Harold Riggins in the 7th round.