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Macrowave Awareness Spreading North

Via Twitter comes this note from a sportswriter in the midwest:

Pistons work out forwards Jamie Skeen (VCU) and Tracy Smith (NC State). "Smith killed it," said one observer. Pistons raving about him.

Clearly the macroknee is at or near 100% once again, allowing Tracy to be his old self just in time to take a lucky NBA franchise by storm. Based on various draft projections, Tracy appears to be a fringe second rounder at best, but as they say, it just takes one team that really likes you. One potential holdup is Detroit's draft position: the Pistons have the #8 and #33 picks in the draft, and they aren't going to take Tracy that early in the second round. But Joe Dumars is a smart guy, and presumably pro-winning, so I'm sure he'll figure something out.