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Russell Wilson Gets The Red Carpet Treatment In Madison

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One of the guys who runs Wisconsin's 247Sports site (247 is a network in the mold of Scout and Rivals) has been tweeting a few updates on Russell Wilson's visit to Wisconsin. This free agency thing sounds like fun.

Sources telling me that Coach Bielema has mentioned to current players that Russell Wilson is getting red carpet treatment this evening.
"Hello, Russell, welcome to Madison! What are you wearing?"

"This windbreaker is by Russell Athletic, which is from the boutique collection I just started."

"You look fabulous, but then, you always do. Tell me, what was it like to work with Nate Irving on your last project?"
Sources: Nick Toon met Russell Wilson last night, showed him around Madison. Future Badger connection? Wilson with coaches today.

Source: "He (Russell Wilson) loves it here (UW). He's completely opposite of what I thought and perceived. (very nice, likeable)"

Kind of bizarre to read that someone had a negative perception of Russell Wilson.

Yesterday, the Journal Sentinel reported that Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema skipped an alumni function on Tuesday night to meet with Wilson. Also:

However, according to a source, UW has emerged as the leader for Wilson’s services because the Badgers suffered fewer off-season personnel losses than Auburn.

The Badgers, who run a pro-style offense, are expected to contend for the Big Ten Conference title.
Auburn, which won the BCS title last season, is not expected to repeat as Southeastern Conference West Division champions.