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MLB Draft Roundup

Six current Wolfpack players and seven signees were taken during the 2011 MLB draft. In order:

Rd Overall Team Class
Brett Austin 1A 54 Padres HS
Cory Mazzoni 2 71 Mets JR
Pratt Maynard 3 103 Dodgers JR
Harold Riggins 7 228 Rockies JR
Jason Creasy 8 242 Pirates HS
Brandon Culbreth 8 250 Astros HS
John Leonard 9 274 Dbacks HS
Carlos Rodon 16 491 Brewers HS
Trea Turner 20 602 Pirates HS
Brett Williams 25 754 Dbacks JR
John Gianis 26 795 Angels JR
Jake Junis 29 876 Royals HS
Rob Chamra 34 1034 Dodgers SR


All save Chamra have a decision to make about next season. Here's what I've been able to find...

Brett Austin -- Padres confident they can sign him.
Cory Mazzoni -- going pro.
Pratt Maynard -- unknown. Likely gone.
Harold Riggins -- unknown. Likely gone.
Jason Creasy -- open to turning pro, says he entered draft with 50-50 chance he'd go to school.
Brandon Culbreth -- going pro.
John Leonard -- going pro.
Carlos Rodon -- mulling options, asking for $750k-$800k. Brewers would've taken him in the 4th if he'd agreed to take $250k. (Rodon probably ends up at State.)
Trea Turner -- unknown.
Brett Williams -- leaning pro.
John Gianis -- open to turning pro, open to staying in school.
Jake Junis -- open to turning pro, looking for "premium deal." He is "perfectly happy to go to N.C. State and enjoy the college experience."