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Friday Items

I apologize for the lack of content this week; I went to Denver to watch the White Sox play their uninspiring brand of baseball in person and I didn't have much time for updates in between beers.

-- It's been a busy recruiting week for the football program, as five players have committed to the Pack since Monday:

Fayetteville Britt linebacker M.J. Salahuddin (6 feet 3, 185) committed on Monday. Newark (Del.) High receiver David Grinnage (6-5, 243) , Boiling Springs (S.C.) High lineman Eddie Gordon (6-3, 315) and Coatesville (Pa.) Area High quarterback Manny Stocker (6-3, 200) followed on Tuesday. West Roxbury (Ma.) Catholic Memorial quarterback A.J. Doyle (6-3, 224) committed on Wednesday.

State is up to nine commitments for its 2012 class.

-- NC State hired Braden Holloway, a 2001 NCSU grad, to coach the swimming and diving teams.

-- The NC Pro-Am is underway, and while players with HS eligibility can no longer participate thanks to a new NCAA ruling, there's still plenty of local interest. Alex Johnson and CJ Leslie both scored 18 points en route to an easy win Thursday night.

-- To the obligatory Russell Wilson items! Wisconsin's strength and conditioning coach is anxious to start working with Wilson (ht: B5Q).

-- Wilson got along well with Wisconsin players on his visit, which no doubt played a big role in his decision.

-- Wilson can still return to the Rockies organization in the future. If he doesn't, he'll owe the team about half of his signing bonus.

-- Michigan State DT Jerel Worthy is so not impressed; he tweets:
"This guys on espn think wilson gona change something at wisconsin. It still don’t matter cause they gotta come in spartan stadium. Homecoming he will see how the big ten gets down."