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A Special Motivational Message From Shirtless Beattie Feathers


Look there off in the distance, men. What do you see? No, next to the cows. It's your future. Your destiny. The opportunity to seize what this fine institution has long missed. No, not my t-shirt.This is far bigger than one man's fascistly oppressive outerwear.

Men, what does every championship team have in common? An unmistakeable belief in the dream. Faith that they can reach that horizon and touch it, elusive though it may appear. Dreams put hair on the chest, and a sparkle in the eye. You've got to walk before you can run; you've got to tip the cow before you can capture it. And so you must picture yourselves atop the heap before you go about climbing it.

For yourselves, for dear old State College, reach out and touch that sky, dance among those clouds. The white hot fire of determination must burn within you as surely as the setting sun. This is your time.

(Photo source: the Hugh Morton Collection)