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Big Plays, Big Days

Over the last few days a bunch of new videos have been uploaded by the NC State athletics YouTube account. There are a lot of classic football highlights from the mid/late 1980s, much more than I can show here, so check that out if you have some time you need killed. If, for example, you've been craving highlights of the 1986 football game against Western Carolina, my friend, this is your lucky day.

In addition to some older stuff, there are highlight videos from the 2004, 2005, and 2006 football seasons. Somehow they managed to put together over 14 minutes of highlights from 2006, which I feel is deserving of a slow clap.

But obviously you ain't sitting through that, so here's 1998 instead:

Ah, the Rough Riders.

And this is State's win over ECU in 1986. Great atmosphere judging by the audio.

After the jump, some of my favorite moments from the 1986 wins over ECU and South Carolina in gif form.