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As Usual, TOB Doesn't Have Time For Your Reporter Crap

How do the ACC's coaches feel about pay-for-play? Look, why don't you just ask the intern they got filling out their coaches poll ballots every week.

In a survey of all 12 ACC coaches through their respective sports information directors, only half of the conference responded, and NC State coach Tom O’Brien declined to participate. Maryland’s Randy Edsall, Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer, and Georgia Tech’s Johnson were all for some form of pay-for-play. Miami coach Al Golden was specifically in favor of a monthly stipend only consistent with the cost of living standard for the student’s city.

I'm not entirely sure what the difference is between "didn't respond" and "declined to participate," as TOB apparently did the latter but not necessarily the former, but for our purposes we will assume this is a special kind of spurning, the sort only an exceptionally busy and impatient man like Tom O'Brien could dish out.

This is no time for questions, Heather Dinich. The only time for questions is on May 17th between 1 and 3 PM, which you would know had you read my last rejection notice. Thank you and good day.