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Gottfried Press Conference And Other Items

Mark Gottfried will be holding a press conference at 1 PM this afternoon, and you can watch that here.

In other news, the NCSU athletics YouTube account I mentioned the other day is still uploading football highlights. Most recently they've added videos from 1999-2002. I'll warn you (what), though, that if you (what) were annoyed by the DMX (what) song in the 1998 (what) highlight (what) video (what), the situation does not (what) improve (what) in later installments. Unless you happen to like Smash Mouth, in which case you're golden. What.

In a not at all surprising development, Russell Wilson is "fitting in well" with his Wisconsin teammates.

And in this feature about Wilson's relationship with Wisconsin's former chancellor, we learn that he was not only a multi-sport athlete in high school but an accomplished and trusted babysitter as well:

Wilson got to know the Martins well enough that he baby-sat the three kids on multiple occasions over the course of 18 months before enrolling at North Carolina State in 2007.

I'm sure that was great practice for the years following, which would see him ensuring that the Tar Heels were put to bed right on time.