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Wednesday Items

-- Pack Insider has some video of Tyler Harris from the Pro-Am.

-- Why doesn't anybody tell me these things?!

I hate to burst their bubble, but this guy has put more time in doing his research then Gottfried will learning how to coach defense.

Gottfried Defense Part I

(And let's be real, guy, you don't hate that even a little bit.)

-- Articles from various news outlets following yesterday's Gottfried press conference:

Excited Gottfried preaches patience at NC State [Wiederer]
Gottfried gives Fayetteville's CJ Williams two thumbs up [Wiederer]
Gottfried cool, calm, ready to work [Tudor]
Pack's Gottfried takes cautious approach [Giglio]

-- Spencer Hall spent a day fishing with Mike Leach, and it was as entertaining as expected.

A crew of fellow retired or vacationing coaches work the boat with Leach. One puts his iPod into the dock. Frankie Smith's "Double Dutch Bus" comes on, just audible over the lapping of small waves and the noise of feet padding around the deck. Leach pops his head up from a moment on hold. His face looks like he's just caught wind of a massive whale fart wafting over the deck.

"What is this?"

"It's sort of disco-funky," I answer. "You've never heard it?


He shakes his head. 

"What a dark time for our country."

-- What do you do with your own network? Why, give yourself an enormous advantage by televising prospective recruits' high school games, of course. Be afraid.

-- This mess could get very ugly for some college basketball coaches.

-- On Twitter we've been trying to decide what would go in an NC State athletics museum.