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November 5th Is Alternating Shirt Color Day

I just saw this on Facebook; looks like we'll be going the Boise State route this season, the difference being that there won't be any hideous colors involved. Whether we can pull this off as well as Boise fans do, well, I have doubts. I also think it was a strange decision to exempt the student section from the red/white pattern. Won't that just end up making the overall theme look haphazard?

And while I'm complaining, I might as well add that this is exactly the sort of thing that leads to those "this is their Superbowl" comments, and as usual we are doing ourselves no favors in this department. I mean, yeah, we want to crush them into tiny bits, verbally assault the tiny bits, point out the places in which the tiny bits did not properly cite sources, and finally, stomp on the tiny bits before they're sent to an incinerator. That's a given. But I wish we'd project cold indifference more often. All these promotions do is buttress Carolina's own sense of big dealness.