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Sonic Boom: The Revenge

Running backs James Washington and Curtis Underwood, less well known as Sonic and Boom, respectively, generated some buzz last pre-season--or at least a few column inches--but never got off the ground. By the end of fall camp, a pair of freshmen had supplanted them on the two-deep. Washington and Underwood accounted for a total of 86 carries in 2010.

But now they're back on top of the pre-fall camp organizational chart. Mustafa Greene has been sidelined by an injury suffered in the spring, while Dean Haynes is back in familiar territory at defensive back (where he is Earl Wolff's backup). If Greene is healthy and ready to go by the time camp starts, I'd expect him to re-claim the starting RB spot, but I'm not sure what his status is. So another bonus to the team's "soft launch" this season, potentially, is that we won't really need Moose until late September. If he needs extra time to get healthy, he's got it. And in the meantime, those other guys can get to work earning those nicknames.

Other notes:

-- Jarvis Byrd has come all the way back from a serious injury to top the chart at boundary corner. Even if he doesn't end up starting, that's a great sign for the secondary. Seven of the eight guys listed on the two-deep could return in 2012.

-- With Sweezy and Kuhn starting at the DT spots, an all-Bong Club force of run stoppage is here.

-- In 2013 our starting tackles could run 6-6 340 (Chandler) and 6-7 312 (Crisp). That's a lot of beef.