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See The New Football Uniforms Tuesday

You've seen the 'S' and now here come the other letters! NC State announced (on Twitter, naturally) that the football uniforms will be unveiled tomorrow. They will be revealed on Twitter first, so if you don't have an account, you may want to bite the bullet. Or you could just keep the PackFootball page open in a tab. Either way.

I'm not sure what the provailing* sentiments are, but I for one would welcome our new black-uniformed, red-helmeted overlords.

(* This is my favorite Marvin Austin typo to date because it sounds like a brand name for a new pill treating erectile dysfunction. "PROVAIL (tm). See a little more of yourself, why don't you.")

In other news:

-- The ACC Football Kickoff began yesterday with players from each team meeting with the media. The coaches will hold press conferences this afternoon. Some of the news items from yesterday:

The Swoff said some stuff. He thinks scholarships should be multiyear deals, and while I'm with him in that the oversigning/waiver wire situation in college football is lame at best and appalling at worst, I'm not sure multiyear commitments are the way to go.

George Bryan expressed plenty of confidence in Mike Glennon, while Audie Cole isn't much worried about the defense post-Nate Irving.

The Wolfpacker has the audio from their interviews.

Notes from Brett Friedlander.

Barring injury, it's a matter of when not if Boston College's Montel Harris breaks Ted Brown's ACC career rushing record.

-- Dr. Saturday picked NC State to finish third in the Atlantic Division behind FSU and Clemson.

-- Why it's generally not a good idea to go for two in the first half. (via) Plus you get scores like 25 which, in a football context, is offensive to the eye.