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2011 Home Football Uniforms Revealed

As promised, PackFootball posted the new design today.


Here's a shot of the back. The changes are subtle, but they make for an improvement over last year's look. They got rid of the silly howling wolves patch on the front of the jersey, and I think the addition of 'State' works really well. The lettering is bold and doesn't detract from the clean and simple look they're going for. I'd like to see some stripes come back into the equation one of these years, but that's a minor complaint. Looks good. Let's play some damn football already.

The home combo is all we get for now.

Wolfpack fans can get their first up-close look at all variations of the new uniforms at Meet the Pack Day on Aug. 13 at Carter-Finley Stadium. A booth will be manned with equipment room staff to answer questions about the uniforms and to give fans an opportunity to feel the TechFit material.