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NC State Will Cut 600 positions, 1000 Class Sections

Chancellor Woodson provides an update on the budget situation:

In an open letter to NC State faculty, staff and students, Woodson said some of the details of how the $80 million cut in state appropriations will impact the university won’t be known until next week or later.

But he said there will not be an additional tuition increase for the upcoming academic year beyond the 6.5 percent increase already in place. Woodson said the budget situation will require about a 7 percent cut on the academic side of the university. He said reductions on the administrative side of the university will be in the 10 percent range.

Those percentages are lower, in large part, because of efforts the university has already taken in anticipation of the cut to state appropriations, which makes up about 40 percent of the university’s total budget.

According to the budget FAQ provided by NCSU, the school will be forced to eliminate 600 positions and 1,000 class sections representing some 36,000 seats.

That will mean that some students may not be able to enroll in courses essential for graduation in the Spring of 2012.  In these cases, distance education courses or enrollment in the 2012 Summer Session might well be necessary.

Where's that billionaire benefactor when you need him...