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Frank Haith Unable To Locate Columbia Hammock District

NC State target Rodney Purvis recently visited Missouri, where Tim Fuller--the primary reason for Purvis's initial commitment to Louisville--is now an assistant on Frank Haith's staff.

His Mizzou visit was mostly spent in the gym, where he played pickup games against the likes of sophomore-to-be point guard Phil Pressey and showed how devoted he is to the game.

"I slept in the gym on a blow-up mattress," Purvis said. "We just stayed up and played ball all night. That was probably the most unique visit I had."

I'm not sure if he means "unique" in a good way or a bad way. It probably depends on whether or not Fuller inflated the mattress himself.

Anyway, point is, I think we just found our edge in Purvis's recruitment. Surely there are couches that might be hauled onto the court at NC State's practice facility, or at least a futon of adequate repute. And does anybody know Rodney's sleep number? This is getting weird, isn't it.