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TOB Likes Your Hustle And That's Why It Was So Hard To Redshirt You

TOB likes his freshman class quite a bit, and without too many pressing needs at the moment, he expects he'll redshirt all but the specialists:

"As of today, I would say no," O'Brien said. "After the first scrimmage, we’re really happy with the freshman class and we’re finally to a point where we don’t have to count on them, where they can redshirt and get themselves academically better off after one year without all the pressures of playing in the games. Now, that doesn’t mean a week from now I won’t change my mind, but right now, at this point, it’s a good freshman class, it rates up there with any of the freshman classes we’ve had, but now we’ve got some depth in the program and we don’t have to count on them."

This is getting all weird, what with these signs of a healthy football program showing up on a more regular basis. I was glad to see that TOB uttered the phrase "knock on wood" while discussing this topic, because you can never be too careful. While I too knock on some wood (I'm visualizing the act while typing this out, and then I'll get straight to the real thing), I'll add that it's really encouraging to finally be at a point where the existing two-deep is such that we can put the true freshmen on a more beneficial development track.