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Defense Apppears Slightly Ahead Of Offense At This Juncture

The second scrimmage of fall camp took place on Friday, and in standard Tom O'Brien fashion, no individual offensive or defensive statistics were released, leaving us to speculate as to which guys are the new awesome and which guys blew substantial chunks. In a way this is preferable to the days when Chuck Amato would release a stat sheet that said simply "Marcus Stone: [sadface]." Ignorance is bliss.

By the look of things, the defense had its way with the offense in this scrimmage, though the persons responsible and the extent to which said persons were responsible is, again, a total mystery. Wasn't anything to do with the long snapper, though. He was snapping the hell out of the ball. ("The snaps have been excellent. I'm very happy with what we're getting out of the snapper.")

Team: 25/43 passing for 119 yards and 1 INT (returned for TD)

Team: 42 carries for 124 yards

Team: 4-5 FGs (41-yards, 43, 23, 42, 53-yard miss)
Team: 10 punts, 40.4 yards average

Team: 14 Tackles For Loss, Eight Sacks (-45 yards)

The offense averaged more yards per rush attempt than it did per pass attempt. For all we know, however, Mike Glennon was 5-5 for 75 yards before being shown the bench. Placekicker Niklas Sade was solid again, his only miss coming when TOB decided to experiment with his new kicker's range. (TOB said the 53-yarder was on target, just short.) If Sade makes kicks from 42ish and in consistently, he'll be the least of our concerns.

The defense posted Nate-Irving-vs.-Wake-Forest-caliber numbers, which may suggest some issues along the offensive line. I've been trying to come up with a word to describe these scrimmages that simultaneously expresses both alarm and excitement, but I've got nothing so far. Maybe you guys can help me.