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Tony Creecy Is In A Boot

But he ain't saying anything so stop askin':

Redshirt freshman running back Anthony Creecy, one of four ballcarriers in the mix for the starting job, showed up for Saturday’s interview session wearing a walking boot on his right foot.

When asked about what happened, the 6-foot, 196-pound Durham native answered as though he’d been sworn to secrecy.

"You’ve got to talk to coach (Tom) O’Brien about this," Creecy said. "I don’t talk about injuries."

It's frustrating now, but just wait until Liberty emerges onto the field in week one.

Mike Brown: Say, Coach, why is that guy wearing that boot and also who is that guy?
Danny Rocco: [looks ill] We... we don't know.
Mike Brown: [terrified] We don't know?
Rest of team: We don't know! We don't know! Run for your lives!
[Liberty forfeits in record time]
Tom O'Brien: [to himself] You've done it again, you old dog!