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Austin, Rodon Stick With NC State

Seven NC State signees were selected in the 2011 MLB draft back in June; the deadline to sign was last night at midnight. Four of those prospects decided to forego college and turn pro. The last to do so was was 29th round pick Jake Junis, who got $675,000 from the Royals yesterday. That's nearly three times what Russell Wilson got as a 4th round pick in 2010. It's supplemental 1st round money, so clearly the Royals like Junis quite a bit.

It's not all bad news, though, because Brett Austin and Carlos Rodon, arguably State's top two recruits, elected to stick with NC State. Austin is one of just two players drafted in the top 60 not to sign. Rodon had been leaning toward college for a long time, which is the primary reason why he fell to the 16th round. Had he been willing to compromise on his demands, he likely would have been selected in the 4th round.

Rodon's decision is especially big news for a program in need of quality arms. He projects to be a weekend starter down the road, if not right away. Austin hit .537 with 12 home runs in his senior year of high school.