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Devin Hester Received $1000 For KO Return Touchdown Against NC State

Remember this?

Devin Hester received a thousand dollars for that and other returns during his career at Miami:

$7,500 in bounties. The bounties were: $1,000 total for a 97-yard kickoff return for a touchdown ($500) and an ensuing celebration penalty ($500) in a 38-33 win over Florida on Sept. 6, 2003; $2,500 total for two punt returns for touchdowns ($1,000 each) and one celebration penalty ($500) in a 48-0 win over Louisiana Tech on Sept. 18, 2004; $2,000 total for two return touchdowns (including one called back by penalty) in a 41-38 win over Louisville on Oct. 14, 2004; $1,000 total for a kickoff return for a touchdown in a 45-31 win over N.C. State on Oct. 23, 2004; and $1,000 total for a missed field goal returned for a touchdown in a 27-10 win over Florida on Dec. 31, 2004.

I also love that he was paid for excessive celebration penalties. Keep that swagger up. I can picture a confused Larry Coker on the sidelines going, "Oh for the love of Jeff, that was a point of emphasis in practice this week!"