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Debbie Yow Chat Recap

Debbie Yow took questions for about 20 minutes this afternoon. Among other things, we learned that Tom O'Brien has no interest in putting stripes on the football uniforms.

I had a funny moment with Coach O'Brien the day I suggested a pinstripe down the pant and he said, "No, we're not that flashy." We both laughed - he's pretty conservative and he has a right to have the uniform the way he wants it.

Yow added later that she expects an indoor practice facility for the football program to be the department's next major project.

I think there are some words missing from this answer--anyone know what she is referring to here?

For this upcoming season, 19,000 new Wolfpack red seats are being installed along with a brand-new, state-of-the-art specially designed for us and by us. I think you will find the environment to be improved, energetic and dynamic.

Brand new, state-of-the-art what?