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JR Sweezy Expected To Miss Six Weeks

Via Twitter, NC State announced that senior starting defensive tackle JR Sweezy will miss six weeks after undergoing surgery today (foot fracture). That sends his whole September down the drain, as his earliest return would come on October 1st against Georgia Tech.

The second stringers listed at DT on the most recent organizational chart are Brian Slay (JR) and Thomas Teal (RS FR); Slay has a decent amount of experience and figures to be the guy who will step into the void, but we'll see. Based on the players listed at DT, the coaches don't have a lot of options. Carlos Gray and Ty McGill are true freshmen and junior Jakob Kahut weighs 245 pounds, which makes him small by defensive tackle standards.

I think that's enough for one offseason, NC State Shit, I really do. Take a vacation and we'll see you after basketball gets off to a surprisingly good start.