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Tuesday Items

-- Tom O'Brien says the wide receivers have been playing better over the last week:

"I think for a while they were up and down as we went through this thing," O'Brien stated. "I think they've been much more consistent this last week, which is good for us. So hopefully what we need out of them is to see if they continue to work the way they have and to see if they continue to catch the ball the way that they have and we'll be fine."

-- Russell Wilson's new teammates voted him a team captain. I'd say he's fitting in okay up there.

-- A Deseret News columnist remembers Lorenzo Charles.

-- The BassPack took down another tournament over the weekend, earning $10,000, a quarter of which goes to the school. I figure if the bass fishing team can win four to five thousand tournaments this fiscal year, they can singlehandedly take care of NC State's budget problems.

-- Looks like a new hotel is going into the area across from the bell tower.

-- Maryland has new football uniforms and they are interesting to say the least. Not sure about that blank helmet look, but at least they're out there trying new things.

-- From this Technician article about tailgating, an outstanding statement and life motto:

"I tailgate all the time," Blevins said. "I'm a champion."

Livin' the dream.