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Stories And Photos From The First Day Of Practice

NC State opened fall camp yesterday and as far as we know no one broke anything. Good start, men. TOB spoke to the media afterward.

"It's one down and we have 28 practices to get better. This is all about, camp is not a sprint it's a marathon. It's all about grinding. Everybody had fresh legs today and they were all quick but we'll look when we get to day five, six, seven and eight to see how they are doing."

As you can see, TOB requires little or no time to get himself back in mid-season press conference form. (The same can be said for Russell Wilson, who is just up there in Madison taking it "one practice at a time, one snap at a time.")

See photos from practice here and here.


Pack's new QB takes command in opening practice (Giglio)
Wolfpack all grown up (DeCock) 
Glennon era at NC State off to an 'up-down' start (Friedlander)