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Tuesday Items

In this Big South preview video (the Liberty portion starts at about 8:30) you can get some sense for what Liberty does offensively. Video of Liberty is so hard to find that there's not much I can say except they're going to run plenty of shotgun looks.

-- The Wolfpacker spoke with Mike Archer about fall camp and the Liberty Flames.

-- SFN wrote about Liberty this afternoon as well, and here is everything I've written on the Flames over the last month:

Getting To Know Liberty
SirChauncey And The Sun Blocker
Expect Tulane, Maybe
Liberty, Position By Position

And now it's game week and I don't have anything Liberty-related left to cover. Note to self: don't do this next year.

-- Mike Brown small on size, big on talent.

-- The latest R&R podcast is available. With special guest Chandler Thompson, who is the student body president. And Chuck Amato is back to talk football, of course.

-- Couple new NC State blogs popped up on the tubes recently: Wolfpack Watercooler and The Wolves' Den.