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Rashard Smith Spending Time At Receiver

Pack Pride:

Redshirt sophomore Rashard Smith confirmed today that he has been playing wide receiver for NC State. Smith started his career at corner.

Joe Giglio:

Tom O'Brien called the move a 'logical' decision given Smith's one of the best athletes on the team
And that O'Brien is happy with C.J. Wilson and David Amerson at corner

Hard to keep one of the team's best athletes off the field. If Smith can work his way into a starting spot at receiver, obviously there's more value in that than keeping him in a nickelback/injury insurance role at cornerback.

Update: here's a story on Smith from The Wolfpacker.

"I'm not necessarily experienced at wide receiver, I was mostly a quarterback in high school, but being on that side of the ball is nothing new for me," he said. "Having to sit out motivated me. I'm goal-oriented and I've been driven ever since that day [of the injury]. I've been working hard in the training room, on the field, in the weight room, in the classroom and in the community. I've just been getting myself right, coming out here in practice and working hard, making sure the team and myself are ready to play on Saturday.