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First Scrimmage In The Books; Here's Some Vague Stuff

NC State scrimmaged this afternoon for about 85 plays, which is about the equivalent of an up-tempo 60 minute game. Afterward, Tom O'Brien did what he always does, and that's keep everything sufficiently vague. He did not release any individual statistics, but what was made available you can see here. The quarterbacks combined to complete 20 of 33 passes for 160 yards and a score. Six running backs combined for 28 carries and 72 yards. Nik Sade hit 4-of-5 field goal attempts.

TOB sounded reasonably happy about the kicking game:

He also was pleased with the young special teams unit of Baumann, Sade and snapper Scott Thompson.  "The snaps were good and four of five was a good day for Sade’s first effort.  He was very poised and has a strong leg.  Baumann also did a good job getting the ball away and not getting blocked."

"Not getting blocked" is a key milestone on the Jeff Ruiz Weighted Achievement Scale.

There are injuries, but TOB isn't gonna elaborate:

Tom O’Brien said there are on injuries. "It’s the same thing I’ve done in the past -- if there’s something that will cause somebody to miss the first game (Sept. 3 vs. Liberty) I’ll let you know. We’ve got bumps and bruises, but that’s true for camp any time."

Cue the baseless speculation!

Jay Smith: Suffered esophogeal lacerations after accidentally swollowing a jagged metal Kusty-O at breakfast.

DJ Green: Fitted for full body cast after attempting to cross Dan Allen Drive.

Camden Wentz: Squirrel attack.